2019 schedule of workshops in Marazion, west Cornwall. 


Sunday 10 February: Dowsing for Beginners

This workshop provides a good grounding in dowsing, including techniques, ethics, philosophy and personal protection. Students will be able to understand the nature of dowsing, use basic tools and show that they understand how to dowse for water, concealed or missing objects, archaeology, earth energies and health.

The next Dowsing for Beginners' workshop this year will be run when there is a viable group.


Sunday 3 March: Dowsing for Health  

For those who already have the basics of dowsing.  An invaluable day if you are a complementary therapist or a keen amateur.  Developing your dowsing skills may enable you to recognise changes that could be made in your lifestyle, potential health problems, and identify possible treatment options and adjustments to diet. 

Please note that this is not a healing course and none of the content is intended to replace advice given by a qualified health professional.  




If you have learnt the basics of dowsing you might wish to progress to the Earth Energies' workshops.


Sunday 28 April: Introduction to Earth Energies

For those who already have the basics of dowsing  

This workshop will explore the nature and scope of dowsing earth energies, analysing the energies running across the land.  We will discover how to interact with them, how to identify whether they are beneficial to the individual and how to apply dowsing techniques to connect with the 'Genus Loci' - the protective Spirit of Place.  This workshop will include a visit to a local stone circle.


Sunday 2 June: Advanced Dowsing (covering Geopathic, Geopsychic and Technopathic Stress), (for dowsers already competent in earth energy dowsing)


If you are interested please email John: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


John also runs dowsing trips with tuition, for groups, to include the ancient sites of West Cornwall and Dartmoor, Devon. Also, as a professional dowser, he offers a service harmonising uncomfortable or "sick" houses.




Dowsing for Health workshop



















Dowsing for Beginners, Northleach, Gloucestershire




















Beginners' workshop: dowsing outside the hall at Marazion




















For the Understanding Earth Energies' workshop we visited the ideal spot for dowsing practice, not far away at the wonderful Boscawen-ûn stone circle.




















Scorhill Circle, just a couple of miles from Gidleigh, Devon, made the perfect location for this Introduction to Earth Energies' course.  We've never known Dartmoor to be so hot as that weekend!




Learning the techniques of Earth acupuncture at Northleach





























The wonderful stones at Stanton Drew































Enrolment for 1-day workshops in Cornwall

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please bring your own lunch but refreshments are provided throughout the day.


There will be a selection of books at reduced prices and equipment on sale.  Practice tools are provided and you will be given a Resource pack.


Please arrive by 9.45 am for a prompt start at 10 am, finishing at approximately 4.30 pm


The fee for each workshop is £50 per person.  Special Offer for Dowsing for Health workshop: Members of Trencrom Dowsers: £25; non-members £35.

The full fee is due with the application form.  50% of the fee is returned for cancellation within one month.  For cancellation within 2 weeks there is no refund.


For more information, please email John at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or telephone 01736 740093


John will then send you an application form and further details.



We look forward to meeting you




Andrew from Australia learning to dowse at Carn Lês Boel, near Land's End.  We waved him goodbye from there that day and he walked all the way along the Michael/Mary energy lines to Norfolk, arriving 37 days later!